2022 Problem Sponsor Tentative Timeline 


May – June


Problem Sponsor Recruitment

Interested in learning more about the program? Know someone who would be a good fit? Fill out the Problem Sponsor Interest form to schedule a time with our team to learn more. From there we’ll ask your team to submit a problem statement for this year’s challenge. Submit draft by May 27.


Estimated Time CommitmentAbout 1 hour




Problem Statement Curation

Join the other selected problem sponsors, SMEs, operators, and government partners to curate problem statements together in a 3-4 hour virtual design workshop. 


Estimated Time Commitment4 hours




Startup and University Recruitment Begins

The Hyperspace Challenge team begins outreach to identify startup and university teams with exciting technologies that match the needs of your problem statement.


Estimated Time CommitmentNone




Problem Sponsor Orientation and Webinars

The Hyperspace Challenge team will host a 1 hour virtual orientation in early August to outline event dates and expectations.

Problem Statement webinars are scheduled in late August/early September. These one hour webinars allow a problem sponsor to give companies and universities perspective on the scope and nuance of your specific problem statement. The format is a panel discussion followed by Q&A. There is no need to prepare slides. Just be prepared to share your goals and desired outcomes so the prospective teams can draft their white paper application.

Estimated Time Commitment:  ~2.5 hours, Two (2) one hour webinars with minimal preparation.


September 7


Applications Close, Review and Selection

Your team will help us evaluate the 3-page white papers that startup and university teams submit based on your problem statement and the webinars. We use a streamlined evaluation tool to make evaluations simple and minimize the time required per company.


Estimated Time Commitment:  ~6 hours per team member, dependent on number of applications received pertaining to your problem statement.


October – November


Hyperspace Accelerator Planning and Interaction

As a problem sponsor, you are committing to a one hour virtual introduction to each of the teams in which you expressed interest. Our team facilitates and schedules these meetings. You will also be invited to attend two 1-hour virtual networking events with the larger cohort of startup and university teams.


Estimated Time Commitment:  Varies, about 4–8 hours


November 15–17


Hyperspace Accelerator Week

The Hyperspace Challenge and Summit will take place at various venues in  Albuquerque from Tuesday morning to Thursday noon. Problem sponsors commit Tuesday and Wednesday to follow up one-on-one meetings with each of the teams in which you expressed interest.  


On Thursday, teams deliver 3-5 minute presentations on their proposed solutions to an audience of government, venture capital, and Industry leaders. Your team will be asked to do a final evaluation of the pitches and join the live event!


Estimated Time Commitment2.5 days