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2023 Hyperspace Challenge
Webinar series

Join the Hyperspace Challenge for our next webinar, exclusively for alumni of US Space Force accelerators and space industry leadership.

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Innovation in Motion: 
Strategies for Successful Technology Transfer + Transition 

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June 22, 2023 at 10am MT

Innovation in Motion: Strategies for Successful Technology Transfer and Transition. June 22 Webinar
Presented by:

Hyperspace Challenge

Join our panel of experts as they discuss everything you need to know to move your innovative ideas down the path of successful transfer and transition. In addition to learning about CRADAs, attendees will hear about other collaborative agreements, the patent process, and contracting options. Bring all of your questions and be ready to take notes! 

  • What are the options available to businesses and universities when transferring and transitioning tech? Explanation of the basics.
  • Who do we engage with? Where do we start? What should we know to make interactions efficient and effective?
  • About CRADAS and other aspects of transfer and transition, Contracting, Patents and ?
  • CRADAS and Top Secret Clearance- Myth busting
Guest Moderated by:

Matthew Gallegos

In case you missed it:

Front Doors + Connecting Opportunities: 
How to initially engage with potential government customers 

June 10, 2023 at 10am MT

Presented by:

Hyperspace Challenge

Have a brilliant new product that you feel might answer a need within the DoD, but have no idea where to start? Is the prospect of finding new customers behind the fence exciting but also a bit overwhelming? If so, please enjoy this one hour introduction to the faces behind the “front doors” at:

  • Defense Innovation Unit (DIU),
  • NASA,
  • Space Rapid Capabilities Office (SpRCO),
  • United States Space Command (USSPACECOM), and
  • United States Space Systems Command Front Door (SSC Front Door)
Guest Moderated by:

Jeremy Swaw, SpaceWERX

From Brand to Infinity: 
A Space Startup’s Guide to Marketing Mastery 

May 25, 2023 at 10am MT

Presented by:

Hyperspace Challenge

Building a startup is never easy. And knowing when and how to activate a communications and marketing function can be pretty low on a priority list governed by sheer survival. But the right brand, messaging, content, and engagement strategy can help you connect with key stakeholders and accelerate your business objectives faster and more effectively. So, how do you know when it’s time to take this step, and what does that look like? Every company is different, but there are some fundamentals you should follow. In this panel, we’ll talk to the practitioners who are doing just that for space industry startups at almost every stage in the corporate lifecycle.

Attendees will learn about:
  • How to know what you need and when
  • The biggest challenges/pitfalls in today’s marketing environment
  • How to start small and scale your approach to marketing
  • How to set realistic budgets and where to apply limited resources
  • How to maximize marketing efforts for ROI
  • Trina Patterson, VP Marketing and Communications, Firefly Aerospace, Inc.
  • Alicia Stump, Head of Marketing, Kepler Communications Inc
  • Diana Klochkova, Chief Brand Officer, Privateer Space
  • Nicole Schumaker, VP of Strategic Partnerships, TransAstra
Moderated by:

Merridith Ingram, Founder/CEO of The Riotmind Agency

Mind the Gap: 
Programs and Funding to Help Transition Beyond SBIR 

May 11, 2023 at 10am MT

Presented by:

Hyperspace Challenge

“The Valley of Death” refers to the gap in time and funding after companies develop a prototype until they secure a DoD contract and can last as long as one to two years. While this concept can be concerning for anyone pursuing federal funding, it is important to note that there are currently multiple efforts, programs, pots of funding, people, and offices trying to bridge this gap. In this webinar, Long Capture’s CEO, Russ Long, will talk with Department of Defense experts about their efforts to address this issue, hear one company’s successful passage across the gap, and share tips on how your company can leverage this knowledge to build a bridge to long-term financial health.

Hear our expert panel:
  • Overview of Spacewerx initiatives bridging the gap: PRIME, STRATFI/TACFI, and others
  • Success Story: How Orbital Sidekick leveraged a STRATFI Contract in FY20 and how the program has helped advance the mission

Dr. Katie Corcoran, VP Government Affairs, Orbital Sidekick
Lt Col Walter “Rock” McMillan, Director of SpaceWERX
Major Austin Baker, Defense Innovation Unit

Guest Moderated by:

Russ Long, Long Capture

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Space Investing 

April 27, 2023 at 10am MT

Presented by:

Hyperspace Challenge

The tumultuous ride of the markets during the first quarter of 2023 rivaled a training exercise on the vomit comet. Where have all the ups and downs left space companies in the fundraising environment? What are the ramifications on financial valuations?

Hear our expert panel:
  • Discuss the current market environment.
  • Offer perspectives on how companies can target fundraising efforts for best results.
  • Learn to recognize the different types of investors.
  • What an investor looks for when considering which founders to fund.
  • Understand how VC investment helps the government target critical mission areas.
  • The benefits and scaling opportunities of partnering with private capital.

Nick Snoad, Senior Associate, Marlinspike
Jonathan Lacoste, General Partner, Space.VC
Kyle Perez, Raytheon Ventures

Guest Moderated by:

Capt. Cody Bronkar, United States Space Force, SpaceWERX

The Space Tech DJ: How Gabe Mounce spins tech in and out of AFRL NM

April 13, 2023 at 10am MT

Presented by:

Hyperspace Challenge

Gabe Mounce has played a key role in many of the space-focused AFRL and USSF innovation efforts that have spun out in the last 6-7 years. He’s a passionate advocate for exploring small business, startup and university solutions to government needs and making sure that those communities have the support needed to navigate the federal acquisition system. In this talk, we’ll hear his perspectives on how the government technology engagement landscape has evolved and how he envisions using his new role as the AFRL-NM Tech Engagement Director to bring new voices and opportunities to the table.

Moderated by

Lauren Hunt

Payload’s Meteoric Rise (and where the media brand is headed next)

March 23, 2023 at 10am MT

Presented by:

Hyperspace Challenge

Payload, a digital media brand dedicated to the “business and policy of space,” officially launched its first media property, a daily newsletter, only 18 months ago. It has since become a must-read for those in the space industry and has followed this success with the launch of a podcast, Pathfinder, and science newsletter Parallax. As the brand grows, its coverage is evolving and it’s making plans for expansion. Join us to find out how it achieved this meteoric rise, where it’s headed next, what it’s doing to get there, and how it intends to shape the national conversation about space – perhaps space development itself – in the process.

Attendees will learn about:
  • How Payload’s coverage is evolving
  • How it plans to expand beyond media
  • Key opportunities for partnering with Payload
  • The stories it’s watching most closely right now
Moderated by

Merridith Ingram, Founder/CEO of 66+Co

Aviation Week’s Garrett Reim:
Reporting at the Edge of Space Tech

March 9, 2023 at 10am MT

Presented by:

Hyperspace Challenge

Aviation Week’s Space and Emerging Technologies Editor Garrett Reim just celebrated one year at what is inarguably the aerospace and space industry’s largest and most storied publications, as well as one of its oldest. In this hour-long chat with Hyperspace Challenge, we look back over the past year to examine how he’s approached his beat, what insights he’s into gained the space economy both in the U.S. and abroad, where he sees the most exciting advancements developing, and the cool new series he has planned for 2023.

Attendees will learn about:
  • The focus for Aviation Week’s newest space column
  • The space technology the publication is watching most closely
  • The best way to pitch the editorial team to increase coverage opportunity
Moderated by

Merridith Ingram, Founder/CEO of 66+Co

Looking to the STARs:
Space Technology Advanced Research (STAR) and STAR-FISH Advanced Research Announcement (ARA) Opportunities

February 23, 2023 at 10am MT

Presented by:

Hyperspace Challenge

As a turbulent economy and rumors of an impending recession loom, government funding may need to play a more prominent role in the investment portfolio of innovative R&D focused small businesses. Join us as we move away from SBIR/STTR opportunities and turn the tables for an insider’s view into what’s been dubbed an “amazing and under-the-radar opportunity,” a.k.a. Space Technology Advanced Research (STAR) and Starfish Advanced Research Announcements (ARAs). These opportunities are specifically geared toward space-related research & development (R&D) efforts and have no specified period of performance or price ceiling. This will be a candid, honest, and open discussion with key AFRL personnel responsible for the implementation and execution of these announcements that will lead to valuable insight into how AFRL works, what they are looking for and how you can be in the best position to win.

What to Expect:
  • In depth look at space specific Advanced Research Announcements (ARAs) and what makes them different from other opportunities, including what topic areas are included.
  • Look into what “no price ceiling” really means and what options your business may have after a white paper is deemed “selectable not funded.”
  • Insider knowledge about what AFRL is looking for in a white paper.
  • Actionable steps that can be taken to give businesses the best chance for success when submitting a white paper to an ARA
  • Discussion about how to establish credibility within the DAF and ultimately win more business.
    Insight into the structure, hierarchy and culture at AFRL.

Mike Lopez, Program Manager, AFRL,
Shawn Capehart, Contracting Officer, AFRL/RVKV and
Daniel “DJ” Alvarado, Contracting Officer, AFRL/RVKV

Guest Moderated by:

Hanson Finley, Catalyst Accelerator Government Lead

Navigating the Complexity of US Space Law + Regulation:
A Government Insider’s Guide for Startups

February 9, 2023

Presented by:

Hyperspace Challenge

Sponsored by:

Association of Commercial Space Professionals

Do you know the full range of business activities regulated in the space industry by the U.S. government and the number of agencies involved? There’s definitely more than you think. The FAA oversees launches and reentries, NOAA handles remote sensing, the Departments of State and Commerce manage export controls, and the FCC governs telecommunications and frequency allocations. Those are the primary agencies, but there are many more that may be involved depending on your mission. The complexity of this regulatory landscape can pose a minefield for space industry startups, presenting challenges that can cause crippling delays. In this event, sponsored by the Association of Commercial Space Professionals, renowned space industry expert and former NASA White House liaison, Greg Autry, will talk about how startups can prepare for regulatory issues before they become an existential threat.

Navigating Today’s Funding Stack:
The State of Venture Capital, Private Equity, M&A for Space Startup Ecosystem

January 26, 2023 

Presented by:

Hyperspace Challenge and Wharton Aerospace Ventures in partnership with BMNT/H4XLabs 

Navigating today’s funding stack is critical to the long-term success of any space industry startup and venture capital is a central pillar in the growth strategy for the majority of expanding companies. VC support can help fuel new ideas, emerging technologies, and revolutionary innovations. It also plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth.

2023 venture capital fundraising will be a challenge, but this year also provides an opportunity to explore other funding options as well as to build and foster relationships so that when markets return, teams are ready to engage with all funders.

This talk invites attendees to hear directly from key investors in spacetech who hail from different corners of the funding world. They will share their perspectives on upcoming industry and funding trends, perspectives on 2023’s capital stack evolution, and more.

What to expect:

Analysis on upcoming trends and why they matter Perspectives on 2023’s capital stack evolution Industry forces to watch Insights on the most impactful companies today

Moderated by:

Ellen Chang, Vice President Ventures BMNT and head of H4XLabs


Gareth Keane, Partner, Promus Ventures
Lewis Jones, Investor, Seraphim
Karl Schmidt, Managing Partner, Kipps DeSanto
John Richmond, Lockheed Martin Ventures

Universal Perspective:
A Dialogue for Discovery

January 26, 2023

Presented by:

Hyperspace Challenge 

Debra Werner is inarguably one of the most prolific, enduring, and diverse space reporters in the modern space media landscape. She’s been reporting on the industry for over 30 years, and currently covers everything from startups to primes and commercial to government (and everything in between) in markets across the globe. Armed with one of the most comprehensive space news portfolios in the industry, she will be talking to Hyperspace about what stories interest her most now, who should pitch her and how, and – from her unique vantage point – the most exciting developments she’s seeing on the horizon.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask Debra questions during the live discussion.

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