Hyperspace Challenge forges valuable relationships between the government, startup, and university communities to accelerate innovation for the space domain. 


Are you interested in Contributing to the success of 2023 Hyperspace Challenge?

How might we accelerate adoption of trusted autonomous solutions for space?

Review possible roles: 

Evaluator — Evaluators will offer their time and talents to review applications received. The application evaluation period will run roughly between September 11-18. Each application could take between 15-30 minutes to review. The number of applications you are expected to review will vary depending on the number of applications we receive. There is no in-person requirement to fill this role.

Subject Matter Expert — Subject matter experts will be present during the live collider event scheduled for November 1-2 in Albuquerque, NM. You may be asked to sit on panels, meet with selected companies one-on-one, or participate in workshop activities. You may also be called upon prior to the event to provide feedback and guidance as we develop relevant programming. We don’t have the agenda nailed down yet, so for now, save the entire two days for participation. This is a great opportunity for company technical representatives, support organizations and university researchers.

Navigator — Navigators provide key guidance and support to our cohort companies. We see them as mentors and could be individuals from larger organizations, research institutions, or DoD and related organizations. Navigators will be assigned a company and will accompany them during the team onboarding process (maybe an hour or two) and during the two day live collider event scheduled for Nov. 1-2 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is a great opportunity for experienced, business focused DoD representatives and larger companies, including Primes.

Adjacent Problem Holder — Adjacent problem holders could be university researchers or individuals from the Department of Defense and related organizations. They have a vested interest in the problems we are exploring and want to be involved in the discussion. Adjacent problem holders will need to be available for the live collider event scheduled for Nov. 1-2 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the selected companies during the live collider event.

Sponsor — We are looking for organizations that have a vested interest in the outcome of the program to provide monetary support in exchange for valuable exposure.

Review Topic Interest:

Increase Space Visibility and Awareness using threat and hazard awareness capabilities that can quickly and accurately detect and prioritize threats either from the ground or space. 

Advance Space Analysis and Vehicle Autonomy using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and/or autonomous technologies that reduce ground-based vehicle operator workload, inform intelligent vehicle response decisions, and decrease vehicle response time.

Increase Space Vehicle Lifespan and Maneuverability using advanced propulsion, refueling capabilities, and/or other fuel conservation innovations that allow space assets to maneuver freely without future negative consequences.

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Hyperspace Challenge, launched in 2018, is a business accelerator fueled by the U.S. Space Force and Air Force Research Lab, in partnership with CNM Ingenuity, to support the Space Vehicles directorate and our U.S. government personnel everywhere.

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