Next-Level Autonomy in Remote Environments


On-orbit satellite servicing and active debris removal missions require trusted autonomy solutions to operate at scale.

Can we push on-orbit servicing to take on new challenges across:

  • navigation
  • orbit matching/approach
  • rendezvous & proximity operations
  • inspection
  • grasping/docking/capture
  • servicing/detailed inspection
  • repositioning/relocation
  • release/departure
  • on-orbit refueling
  • assembly of complex objects
  • rescue of damaged or malfunctioning vehicles
  • disposal of debris or dead vehicles

For each of these use cases, unforeseen anomalies make automation difficult. So here are the questions we’re asking in this area:

  • How can we verify that autonomous servicing procedures are safe to use?
  • What are the limits to autonomous servicing operations?
  • Can human operators trust autonomous algorithms to safely perform servicing missions?
  • How can persons and non-person entities (algorithms on other spacecraft) establish, maintain, and enhance mutual trust?

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