Meet the 13 teams selected for this year’s Hyperspace Challenge:
Analytical Space is building a network of data relay satellites in low earth orbit that will enable high throughput, low latency downlink of data from remote sensing satellites to government and commercial end users. Its constellation will enable orders of magnitude more of aggregated visible, multispectral, synthetic aperture radar, and SIGINT data to be sped to customers, in near real time.  
Benchmark Space Systems is developing the highest performing chemical propulsion systems specifically made for the small satellite market. These propulsion solutions are designed to support the next-generation of small satellite applications by increasing their safety, reliability, and capability.
Cognitive Space is offering a new paradigm for satellite operations in light of the rapid proliferation of Low Earth Orbit satellites. By leveraging advanced AI technology, they bring an automated dynamic tasking solution to the satellite industry for ultimate responsiveness and streamlined operations. is a data science startup that interprets satellite data in real time to deliver insights into the world’s most opaque economies and regions. They enable companies to make data-driven decisions by serving regionally relevant and timely geospatial data at a global scale.
iMetalx Group is an engineering company focused on advancing extreme environment cross cutting technologies. Principals have developed multidisciplinary projects ranging from Beyond Line of Sight eVTOL Aircraft, Multi MW Renewables, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Wave Energy, Underwater Data Centers as well as Advanced Marine and Aerospace Propulsion Systems.
More Cowbell Unlimited provides on-demand satellite imagery and on-orbit data process technologies as big as the Information Age. Their petabyte-scale cloud SaaS and explainable AI engine discovers and simulates complex process ecosystems and delivers geospatial visualization insights in support of defense and intelligence requirements, critical infrastructure management, and information operations. Their vision is for process technologies to be as ubiquitous as processes are.
NearSpace Launch Inc. has 350+ systems and sub-systems in orbit with 100% mission success. NSL provides FastBus CubeSats, EyeStar Globalstar Comm, ThinSats, and Black Box systems.
Novo Space is developing high performance satellite electronics for the new space age. Their products are COTS-based and designed for complex LEO missions with 3-5 year lifespans.
Orbital Sidekick’s proprietary analytics platform and satellite payload architecture provides space-based monitoring solutions powered by Hyperspectral Imaging. This unique and persistent chemical speciation and change detection capability enables unparalleled target monitoring services for both commercial and defense users on a global scale.
Phase Four’s electrodeless RF thruster is the highest performing plasma propulsion system of its size available today, and can be scaled for use from small satellites to large traditional satellites. By eliminating the most common failure points in incumbent technologies—electrodes, high-voltage electronics, and complex fabrication. Phase Four has built a system that is reliable and offers high performance with inherent manufacturability.
SmartCone Technologies Inc. provides a modular IoT platform for a variety of solutions surrounding safety, security, and asset tracking. They incorporate 3rd party sensors within their devices, pair it with a sensor fusion engine, PATRIoT™, and compute it on the edge to send high quality data to customers. 
Space Initiatives Inc. specializes in tiny spacecraft, femtosatellites less than 100 grams, and precise PNT (Position, Navigation and Timing) solutions for LEO – reducing the probability of spacecraft collisions – and for HEO, Cislunar, and Deep Space. Past work includes a study for ESA of a swarm of sensors to deposit on an asteroid.
Summation Research Inc. (SRI) is a small business located on the Florida Space Coast that designs and produces Satellite Communications and Aerospace Telemetry Ground Receiver and Transmitter systems for the most challenging missions. SRI applies this same aerospace knowhow and technologies to ground transportation systems where reliability and safety are critical.
Tesseract builds the highest performance chemical propulsion for satellites, spacecraft, and landers. They are committed to green propulsion and are focused on supplying products made with modern materials and manufacturing methods to control cost and provide maximum value to customers.
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