2019 Hyperspace Challenge Schedule


Sep 6 – 24



Submission Phase

During this phase, tech startups who have signed up to participate are invited to attend one or more of a series of webinars to learn about specific government needs and interact directly with the government innovators sponsoring the problem. New content will be posted on HyperspaceChallenge.com on a regular basis in conjunction with these webinars, enabling interested participants to create a more informed proposal.

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  Following the webinars and ongoing content updates, companies interested in participating must submit a final proposal by September 30 to our evaluation platform, Valid Eval (link coming soon) for review by a committee made up of business, technical, and government advisors. The proposal format and scoring rubric will be made available on or before September 13.

Note: See “What is the time commitment...” to get a sense of the commitment required to make the most of the opportunity for your startup.


Oct 1 – Nov 15



Selection & Onboarding

On October 8 finalists will receive an invitation to participate in the Hyper Accelerator Week and will be asked to confirm their participation no later than October 11. To participate, companies will need to dedicate 2-3 hours per week during the month of October for a series of onboarding and educational workshops over video conferencing. These virtual sessions will cover trends in contracting with the government, pitching to government users, and other insightful topics.

Nov 18 – 21

Albuquerque, NM


Hyper Accelerator Week

The Hyper Accelerator will be held November 18-21 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Participants include government problem sponsors, selected tech startups, and other smallsat experts from academia and beyond. Your team is expected to arrive by mid-day November 18, and depart on November 21st.